Research Projects

The Journal of Government Real Estate Plans to undertake several research project of interest to its subscribers. These include;

  1. Ownership: To research and determine the true ownership of all facilities in which GSA has a significant presence (at least 10,000 rentable square feet and 75% or greater Federal government occupancy). This project is already underway but requires further sponsorship to complete it and to periodically update the results as new buildings are leased and buildings are sold or exchanged.
  2. Renewal Rates: To track the renewal rate of GSA leases. Every few years the renewal rate of GSA leases is determined through detailed analysis, a process that has recently been made extremely complicated by the ever-growing backlog of lease extensions, and such administrative mandates as the Freeze the Footprint and the Federal Real Property Management Reform Act of 2016.
  3. Lease Term: How much savings can accrue to the Federal government (and hence U.S. taxpayers) by lengthening the firm-term component of GSA leases relative to the soft-term component.
  4. Procurement Time: Determine how long does it take, on average, from the time a RLP (Request for Lease Procurement) by GSA is announced at (FedBizOpps) to lease award. There is no one single answer, but what is sought is the average time for the various lease types (standard, small, storage, on-airport, etc.), and how do they vary with procurement size, lease term, and GSA regional office.
  5. More Accurate RTF Savings: Conduct the true savings resulting from Reduce the Footprint moves, as measured not only in space reduction, but as offset by increased rental rates, moving costs, outlays for replacement costs of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, as well as for tenant improvements and upgraded security requirements.



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